We are specialists in modify stadiums and crowded enclosures to perform all activities developed by TauroFlamencoSur around the world.


Spain is a very rich country in terms of culture, traditions and history as concerned.

But if anything is clear, what makes us unique and distinguishes us from other countries is the artistic property of bullfighting and flamenco as part of our culture, evolution and history.

Bullfighting and Flamenco is an identifying label and distinction that has always been and continues during the passage of the centuries from Spain.

TauroFlamencoSur today humbly wanted to collaborate on the expansion and worldwide dissemination of the benefit in the development of our Spanish manners and traditions.

Not only our mission has been to make high level bullfighting, flamenco and cultural spectacles, we have also revolutionized the field of bullfighting internationally.

When we make our bloodless bullfight events, we are teaching the art of bullfighting to many people both in our country and abroad that for their ideals, religion and manners, would never attend a bullfight event nor had planned to attend one in their life.

This is the reason that brings TauroFlamencoSur to a small contribution in expanding the culture of Spain.

Currently we are exporting our events and performances to different countries around the world.

We have several portable bullrings with different capacities.
We are specialists in modify stadiums and crowded enclosures to perform all activities developed by TauroFlamencoSur.

Intellectual Property

In May 20 2013, the Ministry of Culture and Education of Madrid approved the events created by TauroFlamencoSur SLU. as Intellectual Property. Events denominate as “Event and guide tour in order to introduce the world of the art of bullfighting without violence and blood”. Consequently, this event of Nonviolence Bullfights is protected by intellectual property rights on an international level, despite it was related to tourist events or not. For that reason, our event cannot be plagiarised by a third party. Tauroflamencosur SLU will take legal measures against any copy or plagiarism.

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